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CWP Frameworks Workshop

chaired by Jim Kowalkowski (Fermilab), Christopher Jones (Fermilab), Marc Paterno Paterno (Fermilab), Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL), Adam Lyon (Fermilab)
from to (US/Central)
Description Save the date. We will be opening registration as soon as possible. For the community white paper connection, the current charge, including goals and challenges is located here.

A main goal of this workshop is to finalize our contribution to the Community White Paper section on event processing frameworks. This including discussion of
  • what software frameworks will be like in the 2025 era and beyond and how they may evolve or undergo substantial change to meet our future needs
  • key constraints that will drive changes in frameworks: science, technology, funding
  • scope issues and how frameworks ought to influence the computing model and workflow tools
  • use all this information to agree on an "R&D Roadmap".
In addition, we want to hear about key points and specific goals along the way that will indicate success in meeting perceived challenges. This includes presenting problems that will be addressed by upcoming planned framework releases, prototypes that are being constructed, and new technology (software and hardware) that are or will be utilized.

Take a look at the draft outline.
Participants Jim Kowalkowski; Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy
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