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Calibration bi-weekly

Qiuguang Liu (Los Alamos Natl. Lab)
U.S. Readytalk Access: 1-866-740-1260 7-Digit Access Code: 4460867
2015-0803 ProtoDUNE Calibration
Attendance: Greg, Jack (Duke), Tom Coan (SMU)
Qiuguang: Talked about the basic needs and ideas for a muon system. See talk for details.
Jack: comments regarding the infrastructure at CERN. The cryostat sits in a pit which has about 1 meter of space in the upstream side, not much limitation on downstream. The limit on the other two sides are 4 meters and 2 meters, respectively. The cryostat sits fairly deep in the pit – only about 3 meters are sticking out. The pink in drawing is insulation, and blue is steel I-Beams. There are pocket among I-beams, therefore with possibility of install something in the bottom, but wouldn’t be accessible once the cryostat is installed. The pit width is about 16.2 meters.
Tom Coan: wondered how much simulation work could be borrowed from 35 ton. Once the geometry (which should be simple or borrowed from DUNE far detector) is implemented, things would be fairly straightforward.
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    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Muon system needs and ideas 20m
      Speaker: Qiuguang Liu (Los Alamos Natl. Lab)