3-6 March 2008
US/Central timezone
The following posters will be displayed at the OSG All Hands Consortium Meeting:

TITLE: Facilitating OSG Adoption Through User-Centric Application Monitoring
NAME: David Alexander
AFFILIATION: Tech-X Corporation (work funded by DOE SBIR Grant)
TITLE: Addressing HPC Data Challenges through Grid Services
NAME: Shreyas Cholia, Eric Hjort, Wendy Lin, Jeff Porter, Iwona Sakrejda, Alex Sim, David Skinner
AFFILIATION: NERSC/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
TITLE: Efficient OSG troubleshooting with CEDPS tools
NAME: Dan Gunter
TITLE: Providing NERSC Parallel Resource to OSG
NAME: Wendy Lin, Shreyas Cholia, Iwona Sakrejda, David Skinner
TITLE: Logistical Networking on the OSG
NAME: Daniel Engh, Paul Sheldon
AFFILIATION: Vanderbilt University