3-6 March 2008
US/Central timezone
If you would like to participate remotely in one of the workshops you may call using the appropriate number / passcode:

Session Phone Number Passcode
Site Administrators workshop 877-218-1406 5579775
US ATLAS workshop 919-962-2746   see note
US CMS workshop 877-218-1406  5579775
Biology Applications workshop 919-962-2748   see note
Campus & Regional Infrastructures 919-962-2748   see note
Council Meeting 877-218-1406 5579775

The conferencing will originate from the Friday Center.  A minute or so before the call is to begin, the person opening the call will dial only 2-2746 or 2-2748.  You will hear ringing until the first person dials in  - at that point the conferencing begins.  Others will dial in and automatically be conferenced.  Both of these numbers are for your use from 8:00AM - 5:00PM.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.