LArTPC Reconstruction Assessment and Requirements Workshops

from to (US/Central)

Participation both remote from and local to Fermilab will be supported for these workshops through Readytalk. Each session will have someone specifically supporting this remote attendance through the readytalk web chat interface as well as email.

It is better to use the telephone for audio connection rather than VOIP. The Web application can call you back rather than you having to call in. The US toll free number is 866-740-1260. The international phone numbers are at 

The support person will be sharing slides and documents as they are presented and discussed as much as possible.

CERN 3150-R-002 is a room reserved at CERN for the full 2 days of the workshop:

Reconstruction Assessment Workshop:


Readytalk access code: 8403921

WH8X Hornets Nest

Communicate the status of the current reconstruction and analysis  solutions -
including human, process, software and hardware components.

The session includes:
  • Presentations from experiments that have taken or are taking data on the status of their reconstruction and analysis, including the challenges and things learned that will be informative to current and future experiments.
  • Presentation from selected software providers.
  • The information will be regarded as confidential in order to promote open and full discussion.

Requirements Workshop:


Readytalk access code: 8403921
Monday 19th Plenary: Wh8X - Hornets Nest
Tuesday 20th Plenary: Wh7X - Racetrack


The goal is to document across multiple experiments a comprehensive list of the
currently known requirements  (both functional and non-functional)
for hardware, software, processes, interfaces and
interactions -  both human and computer for the reconstruction
and analysis of data from Liquid Argon TPCs.

We  - at a late date - are using Overleaf for real-time editing of the common requirements document. The resulting .pdf is available as part of the material below and will be updated regularly. Please contact the organizing committee for initial access to Overleaf.

Breakout Sessions:
Each of the 4 breakout sessions will consist of
4 parallel tracks by functional area (Topic).

This is provided so that each participant can attend all Topics
sometime during the 2 days.

There will be overlaps in content between the tracks that will be
resolved after the information is all collected. Any gaps should be
noted and/or included in Topic 3.

The goal is to develop example use cases/scenarios before the workshop. These will be discussed in the 1st hour of each session and used to extract specific requirements. The 2nd hour will be to interpret the use cases into requirements.

Topic 1. Non-beam reconstruction and analysis (includes cosmic ray removal)

Readytalk access code: 8403921
Monday 19th Oct: WHX8- Hornets Nest
Tuesday 20th Oct: WH2NW - Blackhole
  • Reconstruction, analysis and simulation
  • Systematics and constraints
  • Cosmic Ray Removal - from LarTPC  alone, combining information from other detectors
  • Scintillation light efficiencies
  • Cosmic Ray analysis  - for those experiments doing this
    - including non-beam particle identification

Topic 2. Beam reconstruction and analysis

Readytalk access code: 3219586 
Monday 19th Oct: WH7X - Woodshed
Tuesday 20th Oct WH15 - Aquarium

  • Reconstruction, analysis and simulation
  • Systematics and constraints
  • Beam particle identification  - including electron, muon, hadron, pizero, ...
  • Track, shower, vertex identification

Topic 3. Overarching Analysis strategies (largescale to individual events), light detection systems and external detectors
(cosmic ray taggers etc.)

Readytalk access code: 8402430
Monday 19th Oct: WH12SW - Batcave
Tuesday 20th Oct: Session II, IV - Wh7XO racetrack
Tuesday 20th Oct: Session III (11am to 1 pm)  
WH13XO - Fishtank

Potentially includes:
  • Dataset management
  • Meta-data management
  • Analysis techniques
  • Analysis toolkits
  • Analysis workflows
  • Real-time/Data Acquisition
  • "Anything not covered elsewhere"

Topic 4. Human interactions, computing systems, software and interfaces

Readytalk access code: 8402429
Monday 19th Oct: Wh2NE - Snakepit
Tuesday 20th Oct: Session II (8.30-10.30) WH9E Libra
Tuesday 20th Oct: Session III and IV Wh2NE - Snakepit

  • Visualization
  • Scientific and development workflows - including human components
  • Regression and validation software/processes
  • New computer hardware architectures - short, medium, long term, multi-threading
  • Software frameworks and interfaces
  • Organization of common/shared components, including policies

Each of the 16 sessions will have a Lead, Scribe (of requirements), Note Taker (of useful information), Support for Remote participants. The attached file below gives the list. 
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