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November 10, 2015
Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone
The Office of High Energy Physics of the US Department of Energy has issued a call for  ideas for cosmic projects that will follow after DESI and LSST. The HEP office of DOE has set up a group to study the scientific reach of future cosmic surveys. The group will collect and coordinate ideas from the HEP community for research activities, experiments, projects or facilities that will complement, build on, and extend beyond the current program planned for the 2020s in the 2014 P5 report (DESI, LSST, CMB-S4) in investigating the physics probed by surveys. The group was charged to produce a white paper in January 2016 that will include diverse ideas for the future relevant to the HEP program, ranging from blue sky methods to new project concepts to further use of facilities.
With this charge in mind, the Midwest Cosmic Visions workshop will be a one day meeting with three sessions:
1] Enhancing the output from DESI/LSST
2] Science projects beyond DESI/LSST
3] Instrumentation and R&D geared to these science goals.
We shall be aiming to build on the East Coast Cosmic Visions workshop held in October. For reference you can access all of the talks given at that meeting at:
Wilson Hall
Curia II/Hornets Nest
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, Illinois
We will be setting up Readytalk video conferencing for our remote participants and presenters.If you would like to join please use the following: Web Conferencing URL or US/Canada Toll-Free Number 8667401260 7-Digit Access Code 8404047