Jun 13 – 14, 2016
Fermilab, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone

Measurement of the Charge-Parity and Forward-Backward Asymmetries in the Decay $D^{\pm} \rightarrow \phi \pi^{\pm} \rightarrow K^{+}K^{-} \pi^{\pm}$ at CDF

Jun 13, 2016, 11:00 AM
One West (Fermilab, Wilson Hall)

One West

Fermilab, Wilson Hall


Mr Christopher Clarke (Wayne State University)


Charge-parity violation (CPV) is important to explaining the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe. CPV is predicted in the Standard Model through the complex nature of the quark mixing matrix. CPV has been measured in $B$ meson decays through the interference of different decay paths to the same final state. In decays of $D$ mesons CPV is predicted to be very small and is not yet observed. We measure the charge-parity and forward-backward asymmetries in the Cabibbo-suppressed decay $D \to \phi \pi \to KK \pi$ using the full CDF dataset. It is expected that CP asymmetries will be more visible in Cabibbo-suppressed decays. We compare the $D$ measurements with the same measurement performed with $D_s \to \phi \pi \to KK \pi$ decays to cancel asymmetries from the detector. With approximately one million $D$ decays and 1.5 million $D_s$ decays we are sensitive to very small asymmetries. We expect to see significant improvement over previous measurements.

Primary authors

Mr Christopher Clarke (Wayne State University) Prof. Robert Harr (Wayne State Universtiy)

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