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6-9 June 2016
US/Pacific timezone

Contribution List

46 / 46
Prof. David Hitlin (Caltech)
6/6/16, 9:00 AM
Dr Fabio Anulli (INFN Roma)
6/6/16, 9:05 AM
Prof. Susan Gardner (U Kentucky)
6/6/16, 9:35 AM
Dr Ian Watson (University of Tokyo)
6/6/16, 10:05 AM
Yasmine Amhis (Laboratoire de L'Accélerateur Linéaire)
6/6/16, 11:00 AM
Dr Martino Borsato (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
6/6/16, 11:30 AM
Dr Rafael Silva Coutinho (Universität Zürich)
6/6/16, 12:00 PM
Javier Virto (University of Bern)
6/6/16, 2:00 PM
Mr Shigeki Hirose (Nagoya University)
6/6/16, 2:30 PM
Dr Marat Freytsis (University of Oregon)
6/6/16, 3:00 PM
Dr Hailong Ma (Institue of High Energy Physics, CAS, China)
6/6/16, 4:00 PM
Dr John Walsh (INFN, Pisa)
6/6/16, 4:30 PM
Sébastien Descotes-Genon
6/6/16, 5:00 PM
Dr Hajime Muramatsu (U. of Minnesota)
6/7/16, 9:00 AM
Prof. Steven Blusk (Syracuse University)
6/7/16, 9:30 AM
Prof. Kathryn Zurek
6/7/16, 10:00 AM
Dr Ruth Van de Water (Fermilab)
6/7/16, 11:00 AM
Dr Christopher Kelly (Columbia University)
6/7/16, 11:30 AM
Prof. Taku Yamanaka (Osaka University / IUPAP C11)
6/7/16, 12:00 PM
Prof. Themis Bowcock (University of Liverpool)
6/7/16, 2:00 PM
Dr Liang Yan (Turin University & INFN)
6/7/16, 2:30 PM
Taku Izubuchi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6/7/16, 3:00 PM
Nobuhiro Shimizu
6/7/16, 4:00 PM
Prof. Kim Maltman (York University)
6/7/16, 4:30 PM
Eugenio Paoloni (INFN and University of Pisa)
6/7/16, 5:00 PM
Johannes Brandstetter (Vienna Institut of High Energy Physics (HEPHY))
6/8/16, 8:30 AM
Prolay Kumar Mal
6/8/16, 9:00 AM
Jike Wang
6/8/16, 9:30 AM
Prof. Christopher Hearty (U. British Columbia / IPP)
6/8/16, 11:00 AM
Harry Nelson (UCSB)
6/8/16, 11:30 AM
Prof. Brad Filippone (Caltech)
6/8/16, 12:00 PM
Dr Gianluca Cavoto (INFN Roma)
6/8/16, 3:00 PM
Richard Bonventre (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
6/8/16, 3:30 PM
Dr Joshua Albert (Indiana University)
6/8/16, 4:00 PM
Dr Jibo He (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
6/9/16, 9:00 AM
Dr Liang Yan
6/9/16, 9:30 AM
Dr Estia Eichten (Fermilab)
6/9/16, 10:00 AM
James Napolitano
6/9/16, 11:00 AM
Dr Louise Suter (Argonne)
6/9/16, 11:30 AM
Prof. Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University)
6/9/16, 12:00 PM
Prof. Yasuyuki Horii (Nagoya University)
6/9/16, 2:00 PM
Laura Gavardi (TU Dortmund, on behalf of the LHCb Collaboration)
6/9/16, 2:30 PM
Mary Bishai (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6/9/16, 3:00 PM
Dr Adrian Bevan (Queen Mary University of London)
6/9/16, 4:00 PM
Prof. Thomas Mannel (University of Siegen)
6/9/16, 4:40 PM
Prof. Zdenek Dolezal (Charles University in Prague)
6/9/16, 5:20 PM