Jun 22 – 23, 2016
US/Central timezone
Writeup-including links to videos- is available at http://larsoft.org/larsoft-workshop-report-august-2016/

The 2016 annual LArSoft workshop will focus on Usability, Interfaces and Code Analysis. It will be two days, immediately following the FIFE Workshop. All interested LArSoft users and developers are invited to attend. Remote attendance will be supported. The lectures and working sessions are designed to engage the LArSoft community in improving their experiences using LArSoft.
We're interested in:
1. Efficiency of use – tools operate quickly; workflows are as simple as possible to accomplish the tasks; tools are available to minimize repetitive tasks and make common tasks efficient
2. Ease of learning – concise, well-written documentation; code and documentation are organized logically; common patterns are used and documented; ability to search code and documentation easily
3. Satisfaction – users can get their jobs done quickly; users can easily contribute to overall product; the majority of time and effort is spent working on LArSoft and/or an experiment as opposed to trying to understand the framework, tools or environment issues
There has been work on usability (including performance, algorithm development) over the last year that we would like your input on going forward.
The second day will be spent on code analysis and review, including some work in smaller groups.
Presentations will be available via ReadyTalk Web at https://www.readytalk.com/ (web), 1-866-740-1260 (audio only).

When prompted for the access code, the required value is  8403921
(For parallel sessions, please see the access code in the description.)

Web access is highly recommended, especially if you are not in the US / Canada. If necessary however, please enter the access code into https://www.readytalk.com/account-administration/international-numbers to view available international access numbers for your country.