Facilities & Ops Managers Meeting 2016

Hornet's Nest (Wilson Hall)

Hornet's Nest

Wilson Hall

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL
Kent Collins (FNAL), Rod Walton (Fermilab)
Fermilab is hosting the annual meeting of the Facilities and Operations Directors group of the Operations Improvement Council (OIC). The review affords site managers at various DOE locations the opportunity to spend a day reviewing practices, policies, and challenges associated with operating and maintaining complex sites. The meeting will include the sharing of best practices and new technologies for improving efficiencies at their institutions. Finally, the review will showcase Facility Management and Operations at Fermilab as exemplifying the latest ideas.
  • Amy Nunziata
  • Bret Cummock
  • Doug Hoenig
  • Jason Budd
  • John Busch
  • John Lacenere
  • Machelle Vieux
  • Reva Nickelson
  • Rod Walton
  • Russell Thackston
  • Russell Thackston
  • Scott Brackett
  • Shane Wells
  • Stan Tuholski
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