July 31, 2017 to August 4, 2017
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Overview of the Fourth Flight of the ANITA Experiment

Aug 3, 2017, 11:39 AM
IARC Building (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)

IARC Building

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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Andrew Ludwig (University of Chicago)


ANITA is a NASA balloon-borne radio (200-1200 MHz) telescope with a primary goal of detecting coherent radio emission from ultra-high-energy (UHE) neutrinos. The fourth flight of ANITA recently flew over Antarctica from Dec 2, 2016 through Dec 29, 2016. The best limit to date on the flux of the highest energy (10^19.5 eV and above) neutrinos comes from previous flights of the ANITA experiment. I will be summarizing some of the upgrades of the instrument for the fourth flight, including tunable, switchable notch filters and an improved trigger. I will also discuss the ongoing data analysis.

Primary author

Andrew Ludwig (University of Chicago)

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