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28-30 June 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone
DUNE will operate two prototypes for the far detector at CERN: the protoDUNE Single Phase and protoDUNE Dual Phase.

The workshop goals are to:
  • provide well-defined parameters of the beam (particle types, rates, momentum resolution, PID) to execute a successful measurement programme
  • identify a prioritized list of measurements and analyses and a plan to develop the required tools and analysis algorithms
  • define and discuss benchmark measurements to evaluate the detector performance
Pease, see the list of considered tasks for the protoDUNE measurements which will be discussed during the workshop. Note, that measurements dedicated to support DUNE Far Detector physics should allow to develop calibration procedures and ways of addressing detector-specific effects which will be then used on FD data. We would like also to asses MC models themselves using protoDUNE data.
The list is evolving and updated already now, if you have comments or additions, please send us your contribution.

The workshop is meant to engage wider participation in the efforts of the protoDUNE science measurements and related areas. We welcome experts and newcomers to help shape the protoDUNE science program and prepare readiness for data analyses.

We anticipate to dedicate the 1st day to a broader discussion and gradually become more focused throughout the workshop to achieve the above goals. We are also planning to start or continue work on several analyses and have experts attending the workshop to provide hands-on instructions (see links to manuals).

Fees: We don't charge fee for this workshop, but that also means that meals are not covered.

Social dinner: on Wednesday starting from 7 pm. We need to count the number of people who are interested in going to the social dinner so, if yes please send simple email to dorota.stefan or/and on Tuesday.
When you arrive to CERN and you do not have access card please go to the Building 33, introduce yourself as a participant of the Workshop.
On Tuesday we meet in the building 3150, see directions on the map (or screenshot with some desccriptions).
On Wednesday and on Thursday we meet in the building 42-3-002
If you would like to register as a user, please see instructions.
Useful links to LArSoft and DUNE software manuals are collected here.