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35t Review

from Thursday, June 2, 2016 (7:55 AM) to Friday, June 3, 2016 (6:00 PM)
Fermilab (Comitium (WH2SE))

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
Jun 2, 2016
Jun 3, 2016
8:00 AM
Morning Session (ReadyTalk 6593984#) (until 12:30 PM) (Comitium (WH2SE))
8:00 AM Executive Session - Dan Green (Fermilab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
8:30 AM 35-ton Overview (25+20) - Eric James (Fermi National Accelerator Lab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
9:15 AM Management Overview (25+20) - James Stewart (BNL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
10:00 AM --- break ---
10:15 AM Cryogenics Overview (25+20) - Alan Hahn (FNAL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
11:00 AM Electronics QA/QC Overview (25+20) - Alan Hahn (FNAL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
11:45 AM DAQ Overview (25+20) - Michelle Stancari (FNAL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
8:00 AM Management Responses to Questions from Committee ReadyTalk 6593984#   (Comitium (WH2SE))
8:45 AM ProtoDUNE Planning (25+20) - Eric James (Fermi National Accelerator Lab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
9:30 AM Executive Session - Dan Green (Fermilab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Breakout #1 (ReadyTalk 6593984#) (until 5:00 PM) (Comitium (WH2SE))
1:30 PM Cryogenics Interview - Terry Tope (Fermilab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
2:00 PM Cryogenics Interview - Mr Russell Rucinski (Fermilab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
2:30 PM Graduate Student/Postdoc Interviews - Dr Jonathan Insler (Louisiana State University) Nuno Barros (University of Pennsylvania) Mr Thomas Karl Warburton (University of Sheffield)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
3:00 PM --- break ---
3:30 PM Management Interview - Alan Hahn (FNAL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
4:00 PM Management Interview - Michelle Stancari (FNAL)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
4:30 PM Management Interview - Mark Convery (SLAC)   (Comitium (WH2SE))
1:30 PM
Breakout #2 (ReadyTalk 8408014#) (until 5:00 PM) (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
1:30 PM Electronics QA/QC Interview - Theresa Shaw (FNAL)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
1:55 PM Electronics QA/QC Interview - Velijko Radeka   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
2:20 PM Electronics QA/QC Interview - Marvin Johnson (FNAL)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
2:45 PM Electronics QA/QC Interview - Matthew Worcester (BNL)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
3:10 PM --- break ---
3:20 PM DAQ Interview - Giles Barr (Oxford University)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
3:45 PM DAQ Interview - Mark Convery (SLAC) Mathew Graham (SLAC)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
4:10 PM DAQ Interview - John Freeman (FNAL)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
4:35 PM DAQ Interview - Dr Thomas Junk (Fermilab)   (Directors Mtg Room (WH2E))
5:00 PM Committee Discussion   (Comitium (WH2SE))
6:00 PM Questions to DUNE Mgmt   (Comitium (WH2SE))
12:00 PM Closeout - Dan Green (Fermilab)   (Comitium (WH2SE))