CERN Neutrino Cluster

DAQ to Cold Electronics interface

DocDB: 1394-v2

Meeting -


    10:00 - 10:45 ProtoDUNE-SP status

        10:00 RCE 5'

                progressing - orders are in, may take some processing time

        10:05 FELIX 5'

        10:10 artDAQ 5'

                need to set up a meeting between us and Kurt/artdaq team

                need to discuss test centres, networking, and run control

        10:15 Timing 5'

                progress/discussions between RCE, SSP, FELIX

        10:20 Trigger & Backpressure 5'

                meetings between beam instrumentation and timing

                need to define trigger

                        candidates UPenn (penn trig board) and Lariat (Mike Kodorsky) Lariat

        10:25 Run Control 5'

        10:30 Online Monitoring 5'

                contacted sussex/sheffield

                        - want to remain involved but don't have much manpower

                        - need new people in general

        10:35 Integration/Installation 5'

        10:40 Interfaces 5'

        - Front-End + WIB

        - Slow Control

                CERN will do this - not part of DAQ

        - Configuration Management + Databases

                - Jon Paley will head up this

                - Will work with Nektarios and co.

        - Online Computing

                - Need to write a document for Marzio to specify need for

                  Nektarios as system manager

                - Maxim, Amir, Brett also in contact

                - Nektarios will buy/has bought some disks and network cards

        - Beam Instrumentation

                - see above

                - meeting 26th 4pm CET

    10:45 - 11:00 Testing Centres

        - see minutes from previous meeting

        - management considering reducing testing centres from 3 to 2 (i.e. no


        - General outcome is that the DAQ group overall favours keeping the

          FNAL testing centre.  It'll be the only full slice in 2016 and can

          test the WIB at full data rate.  Plan to re-use (but not upgrade)

          35t setup and send some PCs to UK.  UK will test new developments.

        10:45 UK 5'

        10:50 FNAL 5'

        10:55 CERN 5'

General Comments/Action Items


- Karol to find out where dedicated testing areas at CERN will be

        and when we can move into them and requirements in terms

        of power, safety, radiation zone etc.

- Doodle poll for ProtoDUNE commissioning meeting -

- Check cable requirements at CERN (some materials are banned).

- Geoff and Linda to investigate setup requirements at F0.

- Contact Physics groups for Monitoring effort