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SBND and MicroBooNE January 2017 Collaboration Meetings



Hochschulstrasse 6 Bern 3012 Switzerland
Antonio Ereditato (University of Bern), David Lorca (LHEP-University of Bern), James Sinclair (University of Bern), Jeremy Singh, Michele Weber (Bern), Ursula Witschi, Wesley Ketchum (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
SBND and MicroBooNE Collaboration Meetings hosted by the Laboratory for High Energy Physics (LHEP) and Albert Einstein Center (AEC) at the University of Bern.

The SBND meeting will take place from January 17th through 19th, and the MicroBooNE meeting from January 19th through 21st. The meeting fee is 50 CHF per person for one meeting, or 90 CHF per person if attending both. The fee covers coffee and snacks during the meeting, but not lunch. A joint collaboration dinner will be held on Thursday, January 19th at a cost of 50 CHF per person.

See detailed and consistently updated information here:

The University of Bern has eduroam wireless access throughout the buildings of the university, and all Fermilab users should now have access to eduroam networks via their SERVICES account. See here for additional details:

Please try to setup your eduroam network before arriving, as that will make things work more smoothly. We will be on-hand to assist should you have any troubles upon arriving.


Please Note: This is an EXEMPT meeting for DOE lab travelers.
  • Adam Lister
  • Adrien Hourlier
  • Aleena Rafique
  • Ana Amelia Machado
  • Andrew Blake
  • Andrew Furmanski
  • Andrew Mastbaum
  • Andrew Smith
  • Andrzej Szelc
  • Antonio Ereditato
  • Bo Yu
  • Bonnie Fleming
  • Brandon Eberly
  • Brooke Russell
  • Bruce Baller
  • Catherine James
  • Costas Andreopoulos
  • Damian Goeldi
  • Daniel Devitt
  • David Lorca
  • David Payne
  • David Rivera
  • David Schmitz
  • Diego Garcia-Gamez
  • Dominic Barker
  • Dominic Brailsford
  • Elena Gramellini
  • Elizabeth Worcester
  • Emma Davenport
  • Eric Church
  • Ettore Segreto
  • Fabio Spagliardi
  • Georgia Karagiorgi
  • Giles Barr
  • Herbert Greenlee
  • Igor Kreslo
  • Jack Anthony
  • James Sinclair
  • Jaroslaw Nowak
  • Jennifer Raaf
  • Jeremy Hewes
  • Joel Mousseau
  • John Marshall
  • Joleen Pater
  • Jonathan Asaadi
  • Justin Evans
  • Kevin Wierman
  • Kostas Mavrokoridis
  • Leon Rochester
  • Lorena Escudero
  • Malgorzata Haranczyk
  • Marco Del Tutto
  • Marco Roda
  • Mark Thomson
  • Martin Auger
  • Mary Bishai
  • Matt Toups
  • Matthew Bass
  • Matthew Malek
  • Matthias Lüthi
  • Michael Kirby
  • Michele Cascella
  • Michele Weber
  • Michele Weber
  • Neil Spooner
  • Nicola McConkey
  • Nuno Barros
  • Ornella Palamara
  • Pawel Guzowski
  • Pip Hamilton
  • Raquel Castillo Fernandez
  • Rhiannon Jones
  • Richard Van de Water
  • Roxanne Guénette
  • Sam Zeller
  • Serhan Tufanli
  • Stefan Soldner-Rembold
  • Stefano Roberto Soleti
  • Steve Dennis
  • Supraja Balasubramanian
  • Thomas Brooks
  • Ting Miao
  • Tracy Usher
  • Varuna Crishan Meddage
  • Wesley Ketchum
  • William Louis
  • Wouter Van De Pontseele
  • Xin Qian
  • Yun-Tse Tsai