LArSoft Coordination Meeting

Conjectorium (WH3NE)



Gianluca Petrillo (Fermilab)
ReadyTalk: +1 (866) 740-1260 (U.S. toll free), +1 (303) 248-0285 (U.S. toll number)
Code: 886 7778

At Fermilab:  WH3NE (Conjectorium)

Present: James Amundson, Lynn Garren, Patrick Gartung, Hebert Greenlee, Alexander Himel, Robert Kutschke, Thomas Junk, Katherine Lato, Marc Paterno, Gianluca Petrillo, Saba Sehrish, Erica Snider, Hans Wenzel

Remote: David Adams, Ben Morgan

Comparing experiences in Yosemite, Yellowstone and national parks. Then:

Release and project report [Erica Snider]

  • the reason of moving LArSeedService is from the intention of NOvA to use it
  • [Herbert Greenlee] the name NuRandomService is hard to remember
  • GENIE 2.12
    • [Alex Himmel] NOvA is using it with no surprise
    • [Thomas Junk] is being tested by DUNE
    • [Thomas Junk] DUNE won't hold the new release, and gives the all clear
  • [Alex Himmel] decoupling GENIE release from nutools would be welcome to DUNE
  • we want to drop support for OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)
    • [Herbert Greenlee] we can drop Mavericks
    • [Thomas Junk] even if without asking the DUNE collaboration we can't know, Mavericks support is going to be discontinued by Fermilab soon
    • [James Amundson] in fact, Mavericks is going to be dropped in Fermilab
    • on December 1, 2016 anyway
    • there is a single El Capitan build slave with SIP disabled
    • [James Amundson] how many people have El Capitan and SIP disabled?
      • [Thomas Junk] has it on his laptop
  • [Marc Paterno] following question is about Yosemite


  • only ArgoNeuT has not expressed their position about GENIE 2.12 yet
  • need to contact the experiments not represented in this meeting about Mavericks

Status of the SPACK build system for LArSoft [James Amundson]

  • looking for alternatives which do not rely on [DY]LD_LIBRARY_PATH (UPS does)
  • SPACK was good for supercomputing
  • experimented with it: it works for us
  • UPS would be retained for environment management
  • SpackDev is a module based on Spack, not part of Spack
  • it is a Fermilab project, with potential to be exported to other users
  • to make it work for larcoreobj, Patrick rewrote all involved CMakeLists.txt (cetbuildtools inherently uses UPS, which makes transition more complex)
    • [Ben Morgan] has a set of macros that mimic cetbuildtools but are independent from UPS [Patrick Gartung] is using them
    • [Thomas Junk] is the new system going to be at least "as intuitive" as the old one? [A] the current status does not reflect the final one

Changes to the optical reconstruction [Herbert Greenlee]

  • trigger time and beam gate time in LArSoft raw::Trigger data product are giving issues to MicroBooNE
  • these data products are filled by experiment-specific code
  • they are used by larana modules (optical reconstruction)
  • MicroBooNE has been using trigger and beam gate time interchangeably
  • proposing to turn into using trigger time in place of beam time
    • [Alex Himmel] DUNE strongly supports the change
    • the change is uncontroversial and approved
  • there is a branch showing the proposed changes
  • the current beam time would be used to store a slightly different information
    • the new definition is a bit involved; Andy Furmansky can provide the details
    • [Gianluca Petrillo] the beam gate data member should not become a detector-specific member of a LArSoft data product, because it would not be usable in generic code
    • [Gianluca Petrillo] a facility to manage a separate data products with the same index (a candidate solution here) is not provided by LArSoft yet


  • the immediate change of code to use trigger time instead of beam gate is approved
  • some discussion is needed about how to integrate the additional information, that might be detector-specific, into raw::Trigger data product

Removal of a namespace and other changes [Gianluca Petrillo]

  • proposing to deprecate geo::PlaneGeo::SignalType()
    • [Herbert Greenlee] is SignalType even used? I considered it as a proxy for the plane number [A] it is definitely used, although it's not as descriptive as it could (for example, in MicroBooNE the two induction planes have very different signal shape)
  • proposing to remove TriggerAlgoMicroBoone service, detector specific and apparently unused
    • [Herbert Greenlee] it can be reintroduced in MicroBooNE code if needed
  • informing of the removal of deprecated lar::utils namespace


  • need a feature branch for each change
  • check with TriggerAlgoMicroBoone author, Kazuhiro Terao, for its purpose and usefulness

Other business

  • [Robert Kutschke] Giuseppe Cerati has code that he wants added to develop [Lynn Garren] send an e-mail with the necessary information within today to get it in coming release

LArG4 re-factoring project [Hans Wenzel]


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