DES Chicagoland Meeting

IARC Conference Room (Fermilab)

IARC Conference Room


Pine St and Kirk Rd Batavia, IL 60510
Alex Drlica-Wagner (Fermilab), Ting Li (Fermilab), Yuanyuan Zhang (Fermilab)
The Dark Energy Survey (DES) Chicagoland meetings are an opportunity for DES collaborators from Fermilab, KICP, UChicago, UIUC, NCSA, Argonne, and the greater Chicagoland area to meet and collaborate. This meeting is the 6th in a continuing series that rotates through the participating institutions every three to four months. The Chicagoland meetings aim to foster collaboration between the various institutions, encourage new projects, and to bring new members up to speed on DES activities.
The private docdb page for talks can be found here:
A reminder about the DES Statement on Collaboration Culture, Ethics, Inclusivity, and Diversity:
This meeting will be held at the new *IARC building* at Fermilab (see map below) on March 6th, 2017. Directions to IARC can be found here (click for the link) and parking can be found across the street.
When entering the Fermilab site, be prepared to show a driver's licence/government issued ID.

The ongoing Dark Energy Survey is designed to probe the origin of the accelerating universe and help uncover the nature of dark energy by measuring the 14-billion-year history of cosmic expansion with high precision. Learn more about the survey at
  • Adam Anderson
  • Alex Drlica-Wagner
  • Antonella Palmese
  • Bobby Butler
  • Bradford Benson
  • Brenna Flaugher
  • Brian Nord
  • Brian Welch
  • Brian Yanny
  • Camille Avestruz
  • Chen Heinrich
  • Chihway Chang
  • David Finley
  • Douglas Applegate
  • Douglas Tucker
  • Eric Morganson
  • Eric Neilsen
  • Erwin Lau
  • Francisco Paz Chinchon
  • Gaston Gutierrez
  • Gourav Khullar
  • Irshad Mohammed
  • James Lasker
  • Jason Poh
  • John Marriner
  • Josh Frieman
  • Katrin Heitmann
  • Lindsey Bleem
  • Liz Buckley-Geer
  • Marcelle Soares-Santos
  • Matias Carrasco Kind
  • Nan Li
  • Nick Gnedin
  • Nikolay Kuropatkin
  • Nora Shipp
  • Richard Kessler
  • Richard Kron
  • Sahar Allam
  • Salman Habib
  • Samuel Flender
  • Samuel Passaglia
  • Scott Dodelson
  • Sebastian Bocquet
  • Stephen Kent
  • Steve Kuhlmann
  • Ting Li
  • Tom Diehl
  • Urmila Chadayammuri
  • Vinu Vikraman
  • William Wester
  • Yuanyuan Zhang
  • Zoheyr Doctor