7-18 August 2017
US/Central timezone


We plan to offer tours of certain facilities at Fermilab, although nothing has been confirmed yet, so check this page later!

The following areas have been visited by previous groups:

NuMI Underground (MINOS)

Travel 300 feet underground into the NuMI tunnel and check out the MINERvA and MINOS near detectors. Learn about neutrino beams and long-baseline experiments.  Coordinated by Bill Lee.

Test Beam Facility

The Fermilab Test Beam Program provides flexible, equal, and open access to test beams for research and development of detector technologies. The facility uses two versatile beamlines to provide beam in a multitude of particle types and a range of energies, with which users can test equipment or detectors.  Coordinated by Aria Soha.

Accelerator Source and Main Control Room

This tour describes how hydrogen atoms from a tank are eventually accelerated to 99.999% of the speed of light, and eventually sent to the experiments for use. Highlights the Linac and Cockroft-Walton accelerators, and the operators who control the beam.

Social events

We plan to offer a number of social events throughout the school, contingent upon the level of available funding. Details will be posted to this page when available.