FIFE Workshop in 2017

Hornets' Nest (Fermilab)

Hornets' Nest


WH 8 floor
Kenneth Herner (Fermilab) , Margaret Votava (SCD/SCS) , Michael Kirby (FNAL) , Tanya Levshina (Fermilab)
FabrIc for Frontier Experiments (FIFE) is a project within Scientific Computing Division that provides collaborative scientific-data processing solutions for Frontier Experiments.

Last year, we introduced products and services available from SCD and other computing resources. This year, we hope to add to recommended set of end-to-end tools for experiments to use to design and implement their offline computing. FIFE includes architecture, design, services and support for:
  • Grid submission to dedicated and opportunistic resources and user-friendly monitoring of submitted jobs.
  • Data management and handling with co-scheduling of data and job services and integrated into the art analysis framework
  • Database and dataset applications such as beam monitoring, conditions, and hardware
  • Collaborative tools such as an electronic control room logbook and shift scheduler
  • Collaborations with experiments to build integrated solutions
  • FIFE is based on common toolsets wherever possible to increase flexibility, provide for efficient evolution, and reduce the maintenance load

We are soliciting feedback to decide what tutorials are needed. Please select tutorials you are interested to attend:

ROOM CHANGE: Wed: IARC   Thu: Hornets' Nest (WH8)
  • Aleena Rafique
  • Alexander Himmel
  • Andrew Mogan
  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Anthony Tiradani
  • Athanasios Hatzikoutelis
  • Biao Wang
  • Brandon White
  • Brian Yanny
  • Bruno Coimbra
  • Cristiana Principato
  • Daisy Kalra
  • Dave Dykstra
  • Davide Porzio
  • Dennis Box
  • Dikai Li
  • Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Eileen Berman
  • Erica Snider
  • Erik Torres
  • Fang Han
  • Gabriel Perdue
  • Garrett Brown
  • Gene Oleynik
  • Gleb Lukicov
  • Hans Wenzel
  • Heng-Ye Liao
  • Herbert Greenlee
  • Hugh Lippincott
  • Jaehoon Yu
  • Jason St. John
  • Jaydip Singh
  • Jeny Teheran
  • Jiyeon Han
  • Joe Boyd
  • John Freeman
  • Kenneth Herner
  • Kevin Retzke
  • Kim Siang Khaw
  • Lisa Giacchetti
  • Lynn Garren
  • Marc Mengel
  • Marco Del Tutto
  • Margaret Votava
  • Michael Kirby
  • Michele Fattoruso
  • Nektarios Benekos
  • Parag Mhashilkar
  • Pengfei Ding
  • Prabhjot Singh Singh
  • Reddy Pratap Gandrajula
  • Renee Fatemi
  • Rijeesh Keloth
  • Rob Fine
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Robert Illingworth
  • Robert Kutschke
  • Shreyas Bhat
  • Simone Marcocci
  • Stephen White
  • Steven Timm
  • Tammy Walton
  • Tanya Levshina
  • Thomas Carroll
  • Thomas Junk
  • Vito Di Benedetto
  • Wes Gohn