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from September 11, 2017 to October 6, 2017
Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA Saclay
Europe/Paris timezone
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  11-15 sept 18-22 sept 25-29 sept 2-6 oct  
Achitouv, Ixandra   x x   Achitouv, Ixandra
Akrami, Yashar   x x   Akrami, Yashar
Armengaud, Eric x x x x Armengaud, Eric
Astier, Pierre x x x x Astier, Pierre
Babichev, Eugeny     x x Babichev, Eugeny
Barreira, Alexandre      x x Barreira, Alexandre 
Bartolo, Nicola     x   Bartolo, Nicola
Bell, Julien       x Bell, Julien
Bellazzini, Brando   x     Bellazzini, Brando
Bellini, Emilio   x x   Bellini, Emilio
Besancon, Marc   x     Besancon, Marc
Betoule, Marc x x x x Betoule, Marc
Blanchard, Alain x       Blanchard, Alain
Blas, Diego     x   Blas, Diego
Brax, Philippe x x x x Brax, Philippe
Burrage, Clare     x   Burrage, Clare
Campagne, Jean-Eric x x x x Campagne, Jean-Eric
Campeti, Paolo   x x   Campeti, Paolo
Cespedes, Sebastian     x   Cespedes, Sebastian
Charmousis, Christos x x x x Charmousis, Christos
Chevalier, Laurent x x x x Chevalier, Laurent
Creminelli, Paolo   x x x Creminelli, Paolo
Crisostomi, Marco     x x Crisostomi, Marco
Dagoret-Campagne, Sylvie x x x x Dagoret-Campagne, Sylvie
Davis, Anne Christine   x x x Davis, Anne Christine
De Fromont, Paul     x   De Fromont, Paul
De Mattia, Arnoud x x x x De Mattia, Arnoud
Deffayet, Cedric x x x   Deffayet, Cedric
Dhawan, Suhail     x   Dhawan, Suhail
Durrive, Jean-Baptiste     x   Durrive, Jean-Baptiste
Ebrahimi, Aghileh S x x x   Ebrahimi, Aghileh S
Fasiello, Matteo     x   Fasiello, Matteo
Habibi, Farhang x x x x Habibi, Farhang
Heisenberg, Lavinia     x   Heisenberg, Lavinia
Ilic, Stephane     x   Ilic, Stephane
Ip, Sam     x x Ip, Sam
Kading, Christian     x   Kading, Christian
Karmakar, Purnendu   x x x Karmakar, Purnendu
Kennedy, Joe x x x   Kennedy, Joe
Khosravi, Nima   x x   Khosravi, Nima
Kilbinger, Martin x x x x Kilbinger, Martin
Langlois, David x x x x Langlois, David
Lehebel, Antoine     x   Lehebel, Antoine
Lemarchand, Nadège     x   Lemarchand, Nadège
LeLoup, Clement x x x x LeLoup, Clement
Lewandowski, Matthew x x   x Lewandowski, Matthew
Li, Baojiu   x x   Li, Baojiu
Liguori, Michele     x   Liguori, Michele
Llinares, Claudio     x   Llinares, Claudio
Lombriser, Lucas   x x   Lombriser, Lucas
Marinoni, Christian     x   Marinoni, Christian
Melin, Jean-Baptiste x x     Melin, Jean-Baptiste
Mina, Mattia x       Mina, Mattia
Moniez, Marc x x x x Moniez, Marc
Motohashi, Hayato   x x x Motohashi, Hayato
Naik, Aneesh x x x x Naik, Aneesh
Neveu, Jeremy x x x x Neveu, Jeremy
Nishimichi, Takahiro     x x Nishimichi, Takahiro
Noui, Karim     x   Noui, Karim
Nunes, Nelson   x x   Nunes, Nelson
Peel, Austin x x x x Peel, Austin
Pettorino, Valeria x x x x Pettorino, Valeria
Pierre, Marguerite x x x x Pierre, Marguerite
Pilo, Luigi x x x x Pilo, Luigi
Plaszczynski, Stephane x x x x Plaszczynski, Stephane
Procter, Nathan     x x Procter, Nathan
Puchwein, Ewald     x   Puchwein, Ewald
Pujol, Arnaud     x   Pujol, Arnaud
Rasera,Yann x x x x Rasera,Yann
Reimberg, Paulo     x   Reimberg, Paulo
Rich, James x x x x Rich, James
Saadeh, Daniela   x x x Saadeh, Daniela
Saltas, Ippocratis     x x Saltas, Ippocratis
Saridakis, Emmanuel     x x Saridakis, Emmanuel
Sawicki, Ignacy     x x Sawicki, Ignacy
Schmidt, Fabian     x x Schmidt, Fabian
Senatore, Leonardo   x     Senatore, Leonardo
Sibiryakov, Sergey x   x   Sibiryakov, Sergey
Spurio Mancini, Alessio     x   Spurio Mancini, Alessio
Suroso, Agus   x x x Suroso, Agus
Tolley, Andrew   x x   Tolley, Andrew
Valageas, Patrick x x x x Valageas, Patrick
Van de Bruck, Carsten   x x   Van de Bruck, Carsten
Vanhove, Pierre x x x x Vanhove, Pierre
Vernizzi, Filippo x x x x Vernizzi, Filippo
Vikman, Alexander     x x Vikman, Alexander
Winther, Hans     x x Winther, Hans
Wong, Leong Khim   x x   Wong, Leong Khim
Zarrouk,Pauline x x x x Zarrouk,Pauline
Zumalacarregui, Miguel     x x Zumalacarregui, Miguel