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4-5 November 2017
Levy Mayer Hall - NWU Pritzker School of Law
US/Central timezone

Scientific Programme

The Conference program includes scientific reports of leading Russian-speaking scientists, representing various fields, as well as panel discussions on the topics of participation of the Russian-speaking scientific diaspora in the development of Russian science, transnational mobility of scientists, global education and youth support in science. As usual, we expect a good number of representatives of leading American and Russian universities, US National Laboratories, such as Fermilab and Argonne, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian institutes of development to attend the Conference.

Major scientific sessions of the Conference include: Ipatieff Session (chemistry, joint with NWU), Vavilov session (biomed), session on hi-tech diaspora, sessions on breakthroughs in physics, math and economics. Panel discussions will cover a broad range of issues, including instruments and institutes of scientific and technical development in the US, Europe and Russia, role of scientific diaspora, RASA connections with scientific societies in the US and Russia, common issues for diaspora younger scientists and hi-tech entrepreneurs. There also will be traditional session to announce the 2017 RASA George Gamow Prize winners, and to discuss issues on the Association issues, status and plans.
  • Day 1 - opening

    Opening ceremony and welcome speeches

  • Ипатьевская Сессия - химия

  • Дискуссионная панель I - Ассоциации выпускников вузов FSU - опыт работы, роль диаспоры

  • Вавиловская сессия - БиоМед

  • Дискуссионная панель II - Megascience, Applied Science и коммерциализация - где баланс?

  • Day 2

  • Абрикосовская сессия - физика

  • Дискуссионная панель III - Центры RASA в России и другие инициативы - Опыт работы, Проблемы

  • Математическая и экономическая сессия

  • Молодежная сессия

  • Сессия о планах RASA-USA и закрытие