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Data Management Meeting


protoDUNE DM (Monday 10/9/2017 PM meeting)

Monday, October 9, 2017

3:02 PM

Old business:

  • Updates from Maxim?
    • Waiting for him to respond whether MCC9 files are good for his DQM
  • Script that copies files into dropbox status:
    • Igor:
      • Haven't tested time-staggering function
      • Script location:
        • On protodune-eos-test6.cern.ch
        • In /home/np04data/copy_dpdata/copy_data
        • Is a python script
          • Configurable with options on command line; has default
            • One input is json file name with constants
        • Generates metadata
        • Run, subrun, file name, "constants"
        • Uses 3rd party xrdcp
        • Target dropbox for the script, input for FTS-light is /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/scratchdisk/daq/data
    • Does 2 functions
      • WA105 data from "their EOS area", bring to Fermilab
      • Copy from, for example, MCC9 areas to dump into a dropbox, renaming to something like "junk*"
  • FTS-light testing
    • Almost working, using ".data" instead of ".dat"
    • Sequence
      • Read metadata file
      • xrdcp to /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/scratchdisk/test_files/dropbox
        • Capture checksum from that copy
      • Add checksum to metadata
      • Copy metadata file to /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/scratchdisk/test_files/dropbox
  • FTS
    • Watch /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/scratchdisk/test_files/dropbox
    • Configure FTS: done
    • Sequence
      • Read metadata file
        • Declare to SAM with different name, clear that it is junk
      • xrdcp to /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/np04tier0/p3s/input
        • No subdirectories
      • globus-url-copy to scratch dCache
        • /pnfs/fnal.gov/usr/dune/scratch/users/dunepro/…
        • Build directories using metadata
  • FTS for Brett
    • Works - DONE
  • Voms-admin
    • DUNE jobs at CERN Tier-0
    • Storage access is the hard part
      • Works now, but anyone added to DUNE VO once voms-admin is gone won't have access
      • FERRY needs to come up with alternative
    • Discussing with CERN on replacement process
      • Partly in Burt's hands for long term solution


New business:

  • Create Indico meetings for this meeting (Steve will do)
  • Metadata conversations
    • Heidi looking at this
      • Need to spend time working on design
    • Will start with Nova information
    • Andrew: is it good enough to put metadata in the file?
      • Heidi: a "duplicate location"
      • Andrew: "for data ingest, trust the file"
      • Stu: "our solution doesn't use the metadata within the data file, only the auxiliary file"
      • Heidi: please document
      • Steve: would like to learn how to get metadata in/out of file
  • When do we kick off the file movement part of "data challenge"
    • Ruth's email list: dune-proto-sp-dc
    • Docs are in github
    • Benchmark tests as opposed to "data challenge"
      • Needs:
        • Find knob on FTS to avoid calculating the checksum
          • Steve has email from Robert - send to Stu
        • Learn how to delete an entire dataset in sam (Stu)
        • Stu can incrementally do rate tests (next 2 weeks)
          • Check that everything works as np04data
            • Login as root, su to np04data
  • Create a logbook
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