PUBLIC Preparatory PAC Meeting Nov 10, 2017

1E (WHE) (Fermilab)

1E (WHE)


    • Opening Remarks- Maria Spiropulu
      Convener: Prof. Maria Spiropulu (Caltech)
    • NOvA Update (Where is NOvA wrt Competition) (10+5) Dr. Peter Shanahan
      Convener: Dr Peter Shanahan (Fermilab)
    • Planning for PIP-1+ & NOvA Program Optimization (20+15)
      Convener: Mary Convery (Fermilab)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Overview of Theoretical Neutrino Physics & Relevant Synergies between NP & HEP(20+15)
      Convener: Prof. Richard Hill (University of Chicago)
    • MINERvA: FY19 Run Request (20+15)
      Convener: Laura Fields (Fermilab)
    • Testbeam Request (20+15)
      Convener: Dr Mandy Rominsky (Fermilab)
    • MicroBooNE Update (Answers to Questions from July Meeting) (20+15)
      Conveners: Prof. Bonnie Fleming (Yale University), Dr Sam Zeller (FNAL)
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee Break