Present: Vito Di Benedetto, Herbert Greenlee, Thomas Junk, Kyle Knoepfer, Gianluca Petrillo, Erica Snider Remote: Cristoph Alt, Erin Conley, Lynn Garren, Gleb Sinev

Project status report [Erica Snider]

  • OSX 10.11 (“El Capitan”) will not be supported after we adopt art 2.9
    • [Herbert Greenlee] What about “High Sierra”? [A] it will be coming, using Clang compiler: work is in progress to make that happen
  • [Herbert Greenlee] what is new in art 2.9? [Kyle Knoepfer] split canvas into a ROOT independent and ROOT I/O dependent part; there are also a few minor changes (see the release notes)

C.I. validation workflow updates [Vito Di Benedetto]

  • the validation test suite is run on the grid, as opposed to build nodes as it is for the integration tests
  • [Erica Snider] does the configuration of the validation need to be in larci? [A] Currently it has to, but it can be updated to allow any specified path
  • scripts are provided by the experiments to compare plots
    • [Erica Snider] is there the intention for lar_ci to provide generic comparison tools? [A] it is being considered
  • [Gianluca Petrillo] how hard was it for the experiments to roll in?
    • DUNE: Tingjun Yang provided the relevant branches on a ROOT tree, Vito wrote the macros
    • MicroBooNE: Kirsty Duffy and Mike Kirby provided the work, Vito integrated it into the system
  • [Erica Snider] where is the documentation? [A] the documentation is currently in lar_ci wiki; right now it is probably not yet in a state where users can fully deploy their validation workflow; in the next two weeks the documentation will be finalised


  • feedback is welcome to improve the system
  • documentation is going to be updated