Present Giuseppe Cerati, Vito Di Benedetto, Lynn Garren, Herbert Greenlee, Gianluca Petrillo, Erica Snider, Hans Wenzel, Tingjun Yang
Remote Pengfei Ding, Ben Morgan, Gleb Sinev, Tracy Usher

Project status report [Erica Snider]

  • plans for future releases:
    • introducing new GCC compiler version (e15 qualifier)
    • introducing a new version of art: 2.10
    • introducing a new compiler: Clang ("official" version), for OSX
  • the latter is going to take a while
  • starting the discussion about virtualization as a way to support OSX-based environment

Supporting LArSoft on Mac OSX via Docker [Pengfei Ding]

  • produced a docker image with SLF 6.7
  • relies on host CVMFS setup
  • could compile DUNE code (dunetpc)
  • also could use the LArSoft event display, using a VNC session
  • future attempts are to support OSX integrated development environments and GPU support
  • experiments may produce specific images
  • [Herbert Greenlee] why using VirtualBox on top of this? [A] it's a workaround for the performance issues of docker with OSXfuse (used by CVMFS) [Lynn Garren] talk to a CVMFS expert... it might be helpful
  • [Gianluca Petrillo] could you run jobs that rely on IFDH? [A] yes; gridftp did not work, XRootD does so IFDH tools can be forced to use it via environment variables


  • [Lynn Garren] building is going to be the tricking part
  • [Lynn Garren] consider SLF7? (nobody present expressed reasons not to)
  • [Herbert Greenlee] is Spack dead? [A] no, although it's not moving fast, there is a known path to delivery, and it will happen irrespective of our choice about using Docker
  • [Tracy Usher] uses XCode as building environment, and it would be good to try to preserve that [Lynn Garren] as a test, Chris Green set the Clang build of art on OSX so that it could use XCode environment