18-19 June 2018
Fermilab, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone
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Contribution Oral Presentation

Fermilab, Wilson Hall - One West

A short travel for neutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions


  • Gabriela VITTI STENICO

Primary authors



The hypothesis is of the existence of a fourth neutrino state comes from some experimental anomalies that cannot be explained with the present three lightest neutrinos. This demand the existence of sterile neutrinos. The sterile neutrino appears in many extensions of Standard Model, in the 3 + 1 model that considers three active neutrinos and one sterile state and also in Large Extra Dimensions (LED) models where some particles can travel through extra dimensions compacted in radius with magnitude from Planck scale, which are hidden from experiments, to few millimeters. LED models produce an infinite tower of sterile neutrinos. As the sterile neutrino states do not have any weak interaction, they can only be detected indirectly through their mixing with the active neutrinos and because of this, we want to study the neutrino oscillation physics when these LED sterile neutrinos are included. Then we will test the sensitivity of LED parameters based on the exclusion region of 3 + 1 model for the three LAr-TPC detectors located along the Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB) at Fermilab which are part of a Short Baseline Neutrino (SBN) program, that will perform the most sensitive search to date for sterile neutrinos at the eV mass-scale through both appearance and disappearance oscillation channels. We also investigated the capability of SBN to differentiate the LED model from the 3 + 1 neutrino model.