18-19 June 2018
Fermilab, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone
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Contribution Oral Presentation

Fermilab, Wilson Hall - One West

Proton and Neutral Pion Identification at ME in MINERvA


  • Barbara YAEGGY

Primary authors


Neutrinos, the quarry of the MINERvA experiment, are subtle and difficult to capture. Accelerator base oscillation experiments look for electron neutrino appearance, where a neutrino is observed to interact in the electron-type state rather than in the produced muon-type state. This observation is based on the observation of a produced electron and absence of a produced muon in the detector. Due to the low interaction cross section of neutrinos, the detection material must also serve as the target material and be relatively dense. This can cause neutral pions to be mistaken in the detector for electrons. We present here progress towards a study using the medium energy NuMI 𝜈𝜇 beam to measure semi-exclusive neutral pion production in the MINERvA detector. In particular, we present changes in the event selection from the formerly presented low energy studies.