18-19 June 2018
Fermilab, Wilson Hall
US/Central timezone
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Dark Matter and Astrophysics


Location: Fermilab, Wilson Hall
Room: One West
Date: 18 Jun 16:45 - 6:15 PM


    • Dr. Flaugher, Brenna (Fermilab)

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Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
Argon is a very useful element for modern scientific endeavors, but its naturally occurring isotopes make it too 'noisy' for low-energy applications like Darkside-50's Dark Matter search. The struggle to produce argon that is free of radioactive isotopes has a decade of rich history, and much of efforts took place at the Proton Assembly Building (PAB) at Fermilab. This talk will address the physic ... More
Presented by Mr. Gary FORSTER on 18/6/2018 at 23:00
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
Large scale astronomical surveys are going wider and deeper than ever before. However, astronomers, cosmologists and theorists continue to face the perennial issue that their data sets are often incomplete in magnitude space and must be carefully treated in order to avoid Malmquist bias, especially in the field of supernova cosmology. Historically, cosmological parameter inference in supernova co ... More
Presented by Dr. Marisa MARCH on 18/6/2018 at 22:45
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
The Dark Energy Survey (DES) is a five year (with half-year extension approved) ground-based optical and near-infrared survey covering ~5,000 square degrees (~12%) of the sky. The DES international collaboration is comprised of several hundred members working toward understanding dark energy and cosmic acceleration. In this talk, I will begin with an overview of several DES working groups and brie ... More
Presented by Megan SPLETTSTOESSER on 18/6/2018 at 21:45
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
DarkSide-50 is the current phase of the DarkSide direct dark matter search program, operating underground at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy. The detector is a dual-phase argon Time Projection Chamber (TPC), designed for direct detection of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, and housed within a veto system of liquid scintillator and water Cherenkov detectors. We will highlight ... More
Presented by Alissa MONTE on 18/6/2018 at 22:30
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that, if it exists, may account for more than a quarter of the energy density of our universe. Despite the variety of astrophysical evidence pointing to its existence, the direct interaction of dark matter in a terrestrial detector is yet to be observed. The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS) experiment tries to observe a dark matter signal ... More
Presented by Ziqing HONG on 18/6/2018 at 22:15
Type: Oral Presentation Session: Dark Matter and Astrophysics
My talk summarizes the modeling of triaxiality on weak lensing galaxy cluster mass estimates for DES Y3 analysis. We use Buzzard dark matter halos and particle simulations to measure the shapes of halos and the redMaPPer algorithm to detect clusters to redshifts up to z < 0.90. We show that triaxiality biases the selection of the redMapper algorithm primarily as a bias in orientation, with a secon ... More
Presented by Zhuowen ZHANG on 18/6/2018 at 22:00
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