Minutes for LArSoft coordination meeting on March 27, 2018


Vito Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Cerati, Lynn Garren, Herbert Greenlee Robert Hatcher, Gianluca Petrillo


"Cambridge", Erin Conley, Katherine Lato, Saba Sehrish, Gleb Sinev, Tracy Usher

Project status report [Gianluca Petrillo]

  • Working with 5.0.1 version of clang; final goal is to support OSX again, plan is to make it work on Linux platform first
  • LArSoft recommends the use of CVMFS.
  • Problems with the CVMFS server overload on Mac OS are not known to be solved yet


  • CVMFS: need sign off from the experiments as old area will be not available after April 10

Changes in LArPandoraContent v3.11 [Andrew Smith]

  • adding neutrino identification
  • zero or one neutrino interactions are identified
  • Particle stitching between multiple drift volume only affect detectors with multiple drift volumes
  • feature/larpandoracontent_v03_11_00, affected repos: larpandoracontent, uboonedata, uboonecode
  • [Giuseppe] where is stitching code?
  • [Gianluca] can it be extended to identify more than one neutrino interaction? [A] Yes, each interaction ("slice") is assigned a score, it's just matter of selecting slices with highest scores
  • [Giuseppe] the score should be persisted, and quantities used for it as well [A] that is a feature we want and we should contact LArSoft to start that if MicroBooNE is interested
  • [Lynn] is MicroBooNE ok with this new update going in LArSoft? [Herbert] yes


  • given the interest by MicroBooNE in persisting the score, the Pandora group will advance a proposal

Storing the initial tick of TPC waveform in raw::RawDigit [Gianluca Petrillo]

  • proposal to add a new data member to raw::RawDigit to allow more robust procedure to truncate the waveforms


  • MicroBooNE accepts the proposal
  • e-mail follow up to inform the stakeholders not present in this meeting