Minutes for LArSoft coordination meeting on May 08, 2018


Vito Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Cerati, Lynn Garren , Paul Russo Herbert Greenlee, Tom Junk, Kyle Knoepfel, Erica Snider, Saba Sehrish, Hans Wenzel


Bruce Baller, Erin Conley, Aaron Higuera, Katherine Lato, Gleb Sinev, Tracy Usher, Wesley Ketchum, Jose SOTO

Project status report [Erica Snider]

  • Introduction to the SciSoft team co-lead by Kyle and Erica
    • Paul Russo for the customer support
  • larsoft-team email is still good for general communication
  • Last week 06_75_01 release,
    • Also v06_75_01_01, which is a test release with art v2_11_01
  • Event display requirements update follow up from April 10
    • t wo adjustments were made
    • document updated at Google doc
    • next steps were described


Changes in LArPandoraContent_v03_12_00 [Steven Green]

  • Three changes were reported:
    • Addition of interface to Adaptive Boost Decision Trees, only used for ProtoDUNE-SP
    • Algorithm to relabel Pandora outputs for the test beam use case, only for ProtoDUNE
    • Slicing Configuration changes, for ProtoDUNE and MicroBooNE
  • The affected repositories are: larpandoracontent, larpandora and dunetpc are the repositories that were changed
    • feature/larpandoracontent_v03_12_00


  • These changes and additions are accepted to be in this week release

Update on Simulation Energy deposition [Wesley Ketchum]

  • For the production release of uBooNE, option to store EnergyDepositions is needed
  • The set of changes and additions proposed here are MicroBooNE-centric; other experiments may want something different in the way that workflows are constructed
  • Energy depositions are being tracked and stored in OpFastScintillation process (LArG4 refactoring may affect this)
    • FastOptical must therefore be enabled
    • new options in LArG4 are added
  • Can reduce size of output by calling SparsifyTrajectories function, an option in LArG4, with increased neighboring trajectory point tolerance
    • Allow the sparsification tolerance to be an option seems like a good change, but will require new nusimdata release
  • slide 7: ISCalculationSeparate factored out as a standalone algorithm to be used in the electron and photon propagation, it is in larsim/IonizationScintillationconversion, and should be turned to art::Tool
    • Initialized with LArProperties, DetectorProperties, SpaceCharge, LArG4Properties services
  • slide 8: Q: does the repositioning of energy reps know about the local Efield? A: yes.
  • slide 9: Electron propagation refactored into separate module (larsim/ElectronDrift/SimDriftElectrons_module.cc). This is a stand alone module, and should not use modified energy deposition. Output is SimChannels, same as previous simulation
  • Fcl defaults will not enable the new code. Validated in v06_26_01_xx with MicroBooNE. Have not tested the new code in develop, nor with other experiments.
    • Comment: There are known issues with respect to dual-phase
  • [Lynn]: It looks like this is a lot of good work, but code is not ready, needs careful integration work.
  • no other experiment should be affected, and default behavior should not change.
  • There were some uboone centric decision made, they need to be discussed.


  • Feature branches to be merged: feature/wketchum_LArG4Refactor_develop on lardataobj and larsim

Light travel time distribution in protoDUNE DP [Jose SOTO]

  • Additions to the photon library format were introduced for timing parameter
  • the default behavior will not change. If changes are merged, the changes will only be activated by fcl parameter


Approved merging this code. Plan to test this branch without other changes: feature/jsoto_dphase_timing3x1x1 Will merge these changes after edep changes, since both are in the same area.

Discussion on making LightSim available to the LarSoft community.