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Next steps in Quantum Science for HEP

from Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (8:00 AM) to Friday, September 14, 2018 (7:30 PM)
Fermilab - Wilson Hall (One West)

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
Sep 12, 2018
Sep 13, 2018
Sep 14, 2018
8:30 AM
Session 1 (until 10:05 AM) (One West)
8:30 AM Welcome - Dr Marcela Carena (Fermilab)   (One West)
8:40 AM Fermilab Quantum Science Program - Dr Joseph Lykken (Fermilab)   (One West)
9:00 AM Formulating Gauge Theories for a Quantum Computer - Prof. David B. Kaplan (INT, University of Washington)   (One West)
9:40 AM Guass's Law and Hilbert Space Constructions for U(1) Lattice Gauge Theories - Dr Jesse Stryker (University of Washington)   (One West)
10:05 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:35 AM
Session 2 (until 12:30 PM) (One West)
10:35 AM Simulating quantum and classical field theories with a quantum computer - Dr Stephen Jordan (NIST / University of Maryland)   (One West)
11:15 AM Linear Response on a Quantum Computer - Joe Carlson (LANL)   (One West)
11:40 AM Quantum Simulations at Google - Zhang Jiang (Google, inc)   (One West)
12:05 PM Quantum Computing for Feynman Integral Reduction - Joshua Isaacson   (One West)
8:45 AM
Session 4 (until 10:40 AM) (One West)
8:45 AM Tensor Network and Cold Atoms Methods for Lattice Gauge Theories - Dr Erez Zohar (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)   (One West)
9:25 AM Universal Features of the Polyakov Loop in Quantum Simulations of the Abelian Higgs Model - Judah Unmuth-Yockey (Syracuse University)   (One West)
9:50 AM Digitization of Scalar Fields for NISQ-Era Quantum Computing - Ms Natalie Klco (University of Washington)   (One West)
10:15 AM An Operator Algebra Approach to Entropy Spread and Quantum Chaos - Mr Nicholas LaRacuente (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (One West)
10:40 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:05 AM
Session 5 (until 12:20 PM) (One West)
11:05 AM Contracting Tensor Network on a Noisy Quantum Computer - Isaac Kim (Stanford University)   (One West)
11:30 AM Tensor Networks for Fine-Graining Lattice Gauge Theory, and Also Path Integral Geometry - Ashley Milsted (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (One West)
11:55 AM Approaching Lattice Gauge Theories with Matrix Product States and Gaussian States - Dr Stefan Kuehn (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (One West)
8:30 AM
Tutorial (until 10:30 AM) (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
8:30 AM OpenFermion-Cirq VQE Hands On Tutorial - Kevin Sung (Google)   (Hornets Nest (WH8))
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 AM
Session 6 (until 12:45 PM) (One West)
10:45 AM The IBM-Q Initiative as a Resource for HEP Quantum Computing - Dr Patrick Dreher (NC State University)   (One West)
11:25 AM Fermionic Systems and Quantum Computing - Dr Antonio Mezzacapo (IBM)   (One West)
12:05 PM A Universal Training Algorithm for Quantum Deep Learning - Mr Guillaume Verdon (Institute for Quantum Computing)   (One West)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:45 PM
Session 3 (until 3:30 PM) (One West)
1:45 PM What we've learned about gravity from quantum error correction - Prof. Daniel Harlow (MIT)   (One West)
2:25 PM Quantum Information Techniques in High Energy Physics - Dr Ning Bao (Berkeley)   (One West)
3:05 PM Quantum Teleportation at Fermilab - Maria Spiropulu Dr Neil Sinclair (Caltech)   (One West)
3:30 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:00 PM
Quantum Computing and the Entanglement Frontier (until 5:00 PM) (One West)
4:00 PM Colloquium: Next Steps in Quantum Science for HEP - Prof. John Preskill (Caltech)   (One West)
12:20 PM --- Lunch ---
1:20 PM
Session 8 (until 2:25 PM) (One West)
1:20 PM Trapped-ion systems for Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theory - Dr Guido Pagano (University of Maryland)   (One West)
1:45 PM A lower bound method for Hamiltonian simulation based on quantum marginals and its relation to quantum information - Nick Rubin (Rigetti)   (One West)
2:25 PM
Tutorial (until 4:25 PM) (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
2:25 PM Refresher Tutorial - Dr Adam Lyon (Fermilab)   (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
3:25 PM Cirq Intro - Craig Gidney (Google)   (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
4:25 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:40 PM
Tutorial (until 7:25 PM) (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
4:40 PM OpenFermion Intro - Kevin Sung (Google)   (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
5:40 PM --- Break ---
5:55 PM Programming and Experiments   (Hornet's Nest (8th Floor))
12:45 PM --- Lunch ---
1:45 PM
Session 7 (until 3:30 PM) (One West)
1:45 PM Quantum Link Lattice Field Theory - Prof. Richard C. Brower (Boston University)   (One West)
2:10 PM TBD: Quantum Simulation of Field Theories - Prof. Martin Savage (Institute For Nuclear Theory)   (One West)
2:50 PM Closing Remarks - Prof. John Preskill (Caltech)   (One West)
3:30 PM --- Wine & Cheese ---
4:00 PM
Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar (until 5:00 PM) (One West)
4:00 PM Entanglement in Gauge Theories - Dr Sandip Trivedi (Tata Institute for Fundamental Research)   (One West)