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TARGET Students Computing Class 2018/6

DIR/Comitium-WH2SE (Fermilab)




Computing/Programming class for TARGET 2018 interns
These 6 classes will be every Wednesdays afternoon, 1p to 4p, starting 6/26.
The first 5 classes will teach some notions about computing, the basics of Python programming, show how computing is used at Fermilab and allow some time to work on a Python project.
During the last day, on 7/31, the students will present their projects.

Presentations are attached to the Indico event

Class Instructors:

  • Marco Mambelli (Fermilab)
  • Thomas Hein (UIC/Fermilab)

Links to Indico events for all the classes:

    • 1:00 PM 3:30 PM
      Projects presentation

      Python projects presentations

      1. Kunal Mamtani - FORM - 1st
         Chris Wilson - 1st

      2. William Lopez - 2nd
         Braeden Gagliano - 2nd

      3. Garrett Robinson - 3rd
         Joshua Smith - 3rd

      4. Bart Wielgos - 4th
         Javier Rodriguez - 4th

      5. Marianne Hernadez - 5th
         Kelan Scott - 5th
      Magic Conch Shell:

      6. Ketandu Chiedu - 7th
         Reyna ViIlada - 7th
         John Pitocco - 7th
      the chaos game:

      7. David Medina - 8th
         Quaran Ahmad - 8th
      Pong game attached (in Processing): Not Halo.pde
      See actually 

      8. Christian Boswell - 9th
         Urvi Awasthi - 9th
         Aishani Dutta - 9th

      9. Diego Diez - 10th

      10. Isaiah Curry - 11th

      11. Eduardo Tovar - 12th

      12. Elijah Bowman - 13th
          Jayda Yancey - 13th
          Eva Haque - 13th
      People identification: