Minutes for LArSoft coordination meeting on July 3, 2018

  1. Git cleanup — Marc Mengel
    * Replacing the repository might be a good option
    * We will make a proposal. Will explain the workflow and consequences of changing the repository name also, if the is part of the proposal

  2. Standardizing LArSoft code formatting — Kyle Knoepfel
    * Lots of discussion. Unclear as to whether people thought this was a good idea, even if automated via clang
    * Consensus is that we should come back to this

  3. Time-stamping raw data — Tom Junk
    * Approved addition of new data product for experiment-defined time-stamps

  4. Hybrid photon library — Bea Tapia
    * Used for dune10kt_1x2x6 geometry
    * Achieves 97% reduction in memory at expense of fidelity in near photo-detector response
    * Approved addition of this library implementation
    * Branch: larsim feature/btapia_hybridlibraryCB