Minutes for LArSoft coordination meeting on August 14, 2018


Bruce Baller, Giuseppe Cerati, Lynn Garren, Patrick Gartung, Chris Green, Erica Snider, Saba Sehrish, Andrew Smith,


Jim Amundson, Erin Conley, Cambridge Team, Paul Russo, Gleb Sinev, Tracy Usher, Alex Himmel

Project status report [Erica Snider]

  • Change in CI system support
    • operations support will no longer be available
  • We request that experiments organize the effort to monitor the system and address problems


  • We will ask for plans to do this by the end of hte month
    • No questions or comments, no offline leads present

Status of Spack Development/Migration [Chris Green]

  • Minimal viable product( MVP) should be available by the end of the week.
    • Nutools and LArSoft is not anticipated part of MVP
  • Q: What should LArSoft do to use this?
    • [Jim Amundson] suggested that the next thing we do is to provide LArSoft at MVP level, that would mean narrow scope and use one compiler, etc.
    • Time estimate is 3-4 weeks depending Lynn and Patrick help.
  • Q: Comment that new system allows development in one package. What does that mean?
    • Spack dev area with multiple packages in it, can switch between packages within single development area.
  • Q: Making changes in two packages simultaneously?
  • A: Global build is the one that will build everything in a consistent way. So simultaneous changes in multiple packages. Two alternatives:
    • Build one by one up the tree
    • Build globally to get them all built simultaneously
  • Designed to make this easy and natural

  • Q: Tested on MAC?
    • it wasn't part of MVP, we are working with a system that works with Mac
    • Spack itself works on Mac
    • making absolutely sure that RPath works.

External building of consolidated Pandora events [Andrew Smith]

  • recent changes to larpandora, that allows consolidated events
  • refactoring of larpandoraoutput


  • merge request for the following feature branches, there is no breaking change
    • larpandora (feature/larpandoracontent_v03_14_00)
    • larpandoracontent (feature/larpandoracontent_v03_14_00)
    • ubreco (feature/larpandoracontent_v03_14_00)
    • dunetpc (feature/larpandoracontent_v03_14_00)

[Bruce Baller]:

  • Q: how to pre-check CI build agains feature branches?

  • A: This is possible, look at the wiki for instructions. If not completely obvious, let us know, then talk to Vito. Also let us know if he can't find the wiki page.