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3-4 December 2018
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Review documentation

Technical Documentation

[Updated, In-progress] Technical Design Report: Single Phase DAQ Chapter (link to most recent compiled version of chapter)

[Outdated] Interim Design Report: Single Phase (1807.10327), Dual Phase (1807.10340)

[Updated, In-progress] DUNE FD DAQ Top Level Requirements (in draft): Single Phase and Dual Phase (Docdb-11314)

DUNE FD DAQ Interfaces:

DUNE FD Single Phase DAQ Sub-system Technical Documentation:

  • DAQ Inter-process Communication System (Docdb-10482)
  • Readout (TBD)
  • Data Selection (Docdb-11275)
  • Data Orchestrator and Event Building (TBD)
  • Run Control, Configuration and Monitoring (TBD)
  • DUNE FD Data Volumes (Docdb-9240)

ProtoDUNE Technical Documentation:

Project Documentation: 

  • Planning documents: link

Other Documentation

ProtoDUNE DAQ Review
ProtoDUNE DAQ Review Report (11/2016)