June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

The Radar Echo Telescope: Theory and Experiment

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Prof. Krijn De Vries (IIHE-VUB)Dr steven prohira (The Ohio State University)


We explore a new tool in the ultra-high-energy neutrino detection toolkit: the radar echo method. Starting with the first confirmed observation of a radar echo detection from a high-energy particle cascade in dense media, detected in 2018 during experiment T576 at SLAC, we present a roadmap to take these lab-based experimental results into nature: The Radar Echo Telescope. This will be a first of its kind observatory to detect neutrinos with energies above 10 PeV.


Using in-ice radar to detect neutrinos at 10 PeV and beyond.

Experiment/Collaboration The Radar Echo Telescope

Primary authors

Prof. Krijn De Vries (IIHE-VUB) Dr steven prohira (The Ohio State University)

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