June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
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Three-loop neutrino masses via new massive gauge bosons from $E_6$ GUT

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Sumit Ghosh (Graduate Student)


We propose a $ SU(3)_C \times SU(2)_L \times SU(2)_N \times U(1)_Y$ model arising from $E_6$ grand unified theory. We show that the tiny neutrino masses in this model can be generated at the three-loop involving the $SU(2)_N$ gauge bosons. With Yukawa couplings around 0.01 or larger and TeV-scale $SU(2)_N$ gauge bosons, we show that the neutrino oscillation data can be explained naturally by presenting a concrete benchmark set of input parameters. All new particles are around the TeV scale. Thus our model can be tested at the ongoing/future collider experiments. This model also has the potential to solve the anomalous magnetic moments of both muon and electron..


A testable TeV-scale three-loop neutrino mass model.

Primary author

Sumit Ghosh (Graduate Student)


Prof. Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M University) Dr Ilia Gogoladze (University of Delaware) Prof. Tianjun Li (CAS Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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