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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Impacts of Spectral Photon Sorting in Large Neutrino Detectors

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Benjamin Land (University of Pennsylvania)


Identifying Cherenkov photons produced when charged particles interact with scintillators provides additional information about the interaction, including directionality and particle identification, while maintaining the excellent energy and position resolution typical of scintillators. Dichroicons achieve this with a Winston cone made from dichroic filters, which reflects photons inconsistent with typical scintillation spectra to one PMT, and passes other photons to another PMT. A simulation model of dichroicon prototypes has been implemented in the GPU-enabled photon Monte Carlo package Chroma and compared to benchtop measurements. This model is used to evaluate the performance of a large liquid scintillator detector instrumented with dichroicons.


GPU-enabled simulation of a large liquid scintillator detector instrumented with dichroicons.

Primary author

Benjamin Land (University of Pennsylvania)


Amanda Bacon (University of Pennsylvania) Joshua Klein (University of Pennsylvania) Meng Luo (University of Pennsylvania) Tanner Kaptanoglu (University of Pennsylvania)

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