June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

The Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations (PUEO)

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Cosmin Deaconu (UChicago / KICP)


The Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations (PUEO) is a proposed
balloon-borne NASA mission that will have world-leading sensitivity to
the so-far undetected ultrahigh-energy (UHE) neutrino flux at energies
above several EeV. PUEO would fly 40 km above the Antarctic continent
and seeks to detect the impulsive Askaryan radio emission from the
interactions of UHE neutrinos in Antarctic ice. PUEO builds on the
experience of the successful ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna
(ANITA) program. With additional antennas, improved electronics, and a
lower-threshold phased-array trigger, PUEO will have an order of
magnitude more reach than ANITA at 10 EeV. PUEO is also sensitive to
radio emission from extensive air showers, including upward-going
showers initiated by taus from tau-neutrino interactions.


PUEO is a proposed balloon mission searching for radio emission from >1
EeV neutrinos in polar ice

Experiment/Collaboration PUEO

Primary author

Cosmin Deaconu (UChicago / KICP)

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