June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

vIOLETA: Neutrino Interaction Observation with a Low Energy Threshold Array

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Dr Dario Rodrigues (FCEyN University of Buenos Aires)Dr Guillermo Fernandez Moroni (Fermilab)


The large number of opportunities to study non-standard neutrinos interaction in the low energy range --below the inverse beta decay process-- along with the observation of the CEvNs interaction, have witnessed a growing interest during the last years. In this contest, we propose a short baseline reactor neutrino experiment to cover three orders of magnitude of unexplored energy range for neutrino interaction using 10 kg of Skipper-CCD detectors with an energy threshold of approximately 1 eV. We discuss constraints to the SM and also benchmark beyond SM. In particular, we claim that our prospective for the exposure time required for observing the CEvNs at a 90% of confidence level at one of the most powerful nuclear reactors available in Argentina is only 1.5 days.


Proposal of a 10 kg of Skipper CCDs for a short baseline neutrino experiment in nuclear reactor.

Experiment/Collaboration vIOLETA

Primary authors

Dr Dario Rodrigues (FCEyN University of Buenos Aires) Dr Guillermo Fernandez Moroni (Fermilab)


Dr Carla Bonifazi (Instituto de Física - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) Prof. Juan Carlos D'Olivo (UNAM)

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