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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Analysis of the Scalar sector and prospect of a scalar dark matter candidate in the Electroweak Scale Right handed neutrino-model

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Dr Shreyashi Chakdar (Physics department, College of the Holy Cross)


Motivated by the no-show of New Physics signals coming from BSM searches in the post-Higgs era of the LHC, we study the scalar sector of the original electroweak-scale right-handed neutrino model, which includes Majorana masses and new mirror fermions having masses in the EW scale. This scenario successfully connects the see-saw mechanism, strong CP and DM problem and contains distinguished Long-lived particle (LLP) signals with large displaced vertices (mm-cm) in quark and lepton sectors. In this work, we analyze the complete scalar sector spectrum which includes heavier triplets, doublets and singlet higgs states in conjunction with the specific 125-GeV scalar state.We also specifically investigate the prospect of the light singlet scalar fulfilling the role of the DM candidate in this framework.


Light singlet Scalar Dark Matter prospect in the electroweak scale right handed neutrino model

Primary authors

Prof. Dilip Ghosh (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science) Dr Najimuddin Khan (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science) Prof. P.Q. Hung (University of Virginia) Dr Shreyashi Chakdar (Physics department, College of the Holy Cross)

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