June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Linear Seesaw and A_4 modular symmetry

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Mr mitesh kumar behera (university of Hyderabad)


We explore the implementation of a discrete symmetry, A4 modular symmetry, in linear seesaw mechanism by limiting the utilization of flavon fields. Linear seesaw is acknowledged by broadening the standard model (SM) particle content with three right-handed neutrinos and three sterile neutrinos alongside minimal usage of flavon fields. Here, Yukawa couplings are assigned the modular weight under modular A4 symmetry along with A4 charge and right handed fermion specific U(1) gauge symmetry is used in order to forbid certain terms in linear seesaw mass matrix. We show through a detailed analysis that this model can successfully explain the results from various neutrino oscillations experiments as well as the cosmological bound on the sum of active neutrino masses.


The results that we obtain is consistent with the latest neutrino oscillation data.

Primary author

Mr mitesh kumar behera (university of Hyderabad)


Prof. Rukmani Mohanta (University of Hyderabad)

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