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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Development of transition-edge sensor based large area photon detectors for CUPID.

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Dr Vivek Singh (University of California, Berkeley)


CUPID (CUORE Upgrade with Particle ID) is a proposed tonne-scale $0\nu\beta\beta$ experiment that will use arrays of low-temperature calorimeters to probe the Majorana nature of neutrinos. CUORE has already shown the power and scalability of tonne-scale array at low temperatures (~10 mK), and CUPID aims to improve on its search sensitivity by reducing backgrounds by at least two orders of magnitude. CUPID will do background rejection by reading out phonon and photon signals simultaneously from a scintillating crystal or a Cherenkov light-emitting crystal. We are developing sensitive low temperature calorimeters that can measure tiny amounts of scintillation/Cherenkov light. The detectors use a novel Ir/Pt bilayer superconducting transition-edge-sensor (TES) that can be operated below 40 mK. We will present an overview of the fabrication, characterization, and performance of TES based large area photon detectors for CUPID.


Transition-edge sensor based light detectors for particle identification in CUPID.

Primary author

Dr Vivek Singh (University of California, Berkeley)


Dr Benjamin Schmidt (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Dr Bradford Welliver (LBNL) Brian Fujikawa (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Dr Clarence Chang (Argonne National Lab) Dr Gensheng Wang (HEP, Argonne) Dr Giovanni Benato (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso) Prof. Goran Karapetrov (Drexel University) Dr Jianjie Zhang (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr John Pearson (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Kawtar Hafidi (Argonne National Lab) Dr Laura Marini (University of California, Berkeley) Ms Lisovenko Marharyta (Argonne National Laboratory) Prof. Novosad Valentine (Argonne National Laboratory) Mr Roger Huang (University of California, Berkeley) Mr Sachinthya Wagaarachchi (University of California, Berkeley) Mr Tomas Polakovic (Argonne National Laboratory, Drexel University) Dr Vlad Yefremenko (Argonne National Laboratory) Whitney Armstrong (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Yury Kolomensky (LBNL) Dr Zein-Eddine Meziani (Argonne National Laboratory)

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