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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Analysis Status of NEOS Phase-II

Not scheduled


Mr Jinyu Kim (IBS, Sejong University)


NEOS experiment, being carried out in the tendon gallery of the Hanbit reactor unit 5, detects electron anti-neutrinos from the reactor core at 24 m distance to search for sterile neutrinos. The first phase of NEOS experiment with 180-day data (2015-2016) did not show any strong evidence of active-to-sterile neutrino oscillation. NEOS phase-II operating since Sept. 2018 took 500 days of reactor-on data covering a whole burnup cycle. Now the reactor is turned off and the detector is still running to obtain background data. In this talk, we report analysis status of NEOS phase-II, including very preliminary results of the 500-day data.


Analysis status of NEOS Phase-II including very preliminary results of the 500-day data

Experiment/Collaboration NEOS

Primary author

Mr Jinyu Kim (IBS, Sejong University)

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