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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Sterile Neutrinos in Astrophysical Neutrino Flavor

Not scheduled


Mr Kareem Farrag (Queen Mary University of London, University of Southampton)


Current global constraints in neutrino mixing parameters translate to lax PMNS unitarity relations. In this work, we explore the lack of non-unitarity in the neutrino mixing matrix via the astrophysical neutrino flavor content in both standard paradigms, as well as those involving sterile neutrinos.

Astrophysical neutrino flavour composition is a sensitive tool to probe both non-unitarity and the presence of sterile neutrinos over many mass scales, and is a core focus for future high-energy neutrino telescopes. We develop new techniques, including the neutrino flavor tetrahedron, to explore the effects of non-unitary mixing, as well as the significant impact sterile neutrinos have on astrophysical neutrino composition.


We explore how non-unitarity and sterile neutrinos impact the astrophysical neutrino flavor ratio

Primary authors

Dr Carlos Arguelles (MIT) Dr Jordi Salvado (University of Barcelona) Mr Kareem Farrag (Queen Mary University of London, University of Southampton) Mr Khandelwal Rishabh (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Mr Shivesh Mandalia (Queen Mary University of London) Dr Teppei Katori (Queen Mary University of London)

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