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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
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KM3NeT-ORCA and JUNO combined sensitivity to the neutrino mass ordering

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Mr Nhan CHAU (AstroParticles and Cosmology laboratory)


The neutrino mass ordering (NMO) is one of the fundamental questions in neutrino physics. This can be unraveled by next-generation neutrino detectors such as JUNO and KM3NeT-ORCA. JUNO is a medium-baseline (53 km) reactor experiment which could be sensitive to the NMO by investigating the interference effects between fast oscillations in oscillated electron-antineutrino spectrum. KM3NeT-ORCA is the Mton-scale water Cherenkov detector under construction in the Mediterranean Sea abyss. It can determine the NMO by probing Earth matter effect on atmospheric neutrinos. When measuring $\Delta m^2_{31}$ with a wrong ordering assumption, the best fit values are different between the two experiments. This tension could help enhancing the sensitivity to NMO in a joint fit. In this poster, the possibility of NMO determination from a combined analysis of JUNO and KM3NeT-ORCA is presented.


Combined fit of JUNO and KM3NeT-ORCA can enhance the sensitivity to the neutrino mass ordering.

Experiment/Collaboration KM3NeT

Primary authors

Dr Leonidas Kalousis (IPHC) Mr Nhan CHAU (AstroParticles and Cosmology laboratory)


Dr Antoine Kouchner (University Paris 7 Diderot - Astroparticle and Cosmology) Dr Eric Baussan (CNRS-IN2P3/Université de Strasbourg) Dr João Pedro Athayde Marcondes de André (IPHC) Dr Marcos Dracos (IPHC-IN2P3/CNRS) Dr Veronique Van Elewyck (APC, Universite Paris Diderot)

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