June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

Measurement of the diffuse muon neutrino spectrum using IceCube starting track events

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Mr Manuel Silva (UW-Madison)


I will discuss a new IceCube event selection searching for starting astrophysical muon neutrinos at TeV energies. The event selection uses a veto technique to identify incoming atmospheric muons and remove the events from our dataset while maintaining a high efficiency for astrophysical neutrinos. In addition, we introduce the use of a Boost Decision Tree to further identify and remove atmospheric muons. I will show preliminary results validating the event selection performance. In addition, the good energy resolution of starting track events allows us to perform a measurement of the astrophysical diffuse neutrino spectrum down to TeV energies. This will provide insights as to whether there exists a hardening of the diffuse neutrino spectrum towards lower energies. I will show sensitivities to the astrophysical diffuse neutrino spectrum under various astrophysical flux models. A treatment and impact of detector and cosmic ray systematic uncertainties on our result will also be discussed.


Measurement of the TeV diffuse muon neutrino spectrum using IceCube starting tracks

Experiment/Collaboration The IceCube Collaboration

Primary author

Mr Manuel Silva (UW-Madison)


Sarah Mancina (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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