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June 22, 2020 to July 2, 2020
US/Central timezone

123 Model

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Mr João Paulo Pinheiro (UFPB)


In this work we expand the Higgs sector of the Standard Model in order to accommodate Doublet, Triplet and Singlet (1-2-3 Model) and Right Handed Neutrinos to explain the eV mass of the sterile neutrinos. We extract the bounded from below of the quartic couplings and obtain the spectrum of scalars. We studied the RGE equation of this model and the conditions of stability, metastability and instability of the Potential as a function of the potential couplings and the new Yukawa couplings. As nice result, the spectrum of scalars contain a Majoron and a light CP-even. The first may play the role of Dark Matter. We also check that these scalars are in agreement with the invisible decay of standard Higgs and $Z^{0}$.


We imposed conditions for the new couplings of the model to be concordant with the experiments.

Primary authors

Mr João Paulo Pinheiro (UFPB) carlos pires (Universidade Federal da Paraiba)

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