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13-16 May 2019
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone

Registrants List

78 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam McGookin AWE Aldermaston
Al Schmitt Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Allen Fowler CNS Pantex
Brad Scott BEA
Bradley Ritchie Idaho National Laboratory
Bruce Milbourn Honeywell FM&T
Bryson Williams CNS Y-12
Carla Drake Idaho National Laboratory/Battelle Energy Alliance
Catherine Hurley Argonne National Laboratory
Christopher Evans Sandia National Laboratories
Chuck Mansfield Chicago ISC
David Jayson Fermil National Science Laboratory
David Pincock Idaho National Laboratory
Dawn McWha Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Denis Koutsandreas U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management, EM-3.32 HQ
Dennis Vigil Los Alamos National Laboratory
Donna Governor Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dwight Squire Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Fred Berl Los Alamos National Laboratory
Glenn (Chuck) Smolens NNSA Production Office
Greg Jonas Argonne National Lab
Gregory Gilbert Fermilab FESS/OPs
Israel Martinez Sandia National Labs
James Byrd Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
James (Jim) Winter NNSA NA-52 Infrastructure Operations & Modernization
Jasent Quintana Sandia National Laboratories
Jason Countryman Fermilab
Jason Mathews Idaho National Lab/Battelle Energy Alliance
Jennifer Klassen Honeywell FM&T
Jess Neuner Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jim McKiernan Argonne National Laboratory
Jim Podraza Argonne National Laboratory
John Busch Argonne
John Dembski Honeywell
John Allan Russell AWE Aldermaston
Jose Blanco Department of Energy
Joseph Hains Nevada National Security Site
Julie Mitchell Idaho National Laboratory - Advanced Test Reactor (ATR)
Karen Kosky Fermilab
Keith Trychta Argonne National Laboratory
Kenneth Dukes SRNS
Kevin Pace Idaho National Laboratory INL Advanced Test Reactor ATR
Kirsten Aylward Savannah River Site - Savannah River Tritium Enterprise
Kristopher Olson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kurt Taylor Battelle energy alliance
Kurt Young SRNS
Kyle Allbritten Idaho National Lab
Les McFarland Naval Nuclear Laboratory
Marc Stewart AWE Aldermaston
Marco Alcazar SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Marcus Hutchings AWE
Margaret Marks DOE Argonne Site Office
Mark Coffing Sandia National Laboratories
Mark Hunter Battelle Energy Alliance Idaho National Labortory
Mark Zulim NNSA Livermore Field Office
Martin Bentivengo Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Matthew Beckum Savannah River Site - Savannah River Tritium Enterprise
Max Wolf INL
Michael McFarland CNS Y-12
Michelle Foster Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mike Rieder Naval Nuclear Laboratory
Nick Ricco Honeywell FM&T
Paul Durko Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS)
Paul Woodford AWE
Randall Mirabelli Argonne National Laboratory
Reed Sharp Los Alamos National Laboratory
Richard Gonzales Los Alamos National Laboratory
Robert Belcher Idaho National Laboratory - Battelle Energy Alliance
Sarah Jensen US Department of Energy
Scott Pope Argonne National Lab
Seneca Johnson SRNS
Shawn Hailey LANL
Stuart Hupe Mission Support and Test Services @ the Nevada National Security Site
Tara Collins AWE Aldermaston
Timothy Hunt Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
Travis Childress CNS Y-12
Victor Longa SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Zachary Spielman Idaho National Laboratory