Dr. Noemi Rocco - Fermilab - Lepton-nucleus interactions within many-body approaches: from the quasi-elastic to DIS region

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from to (US/Central)
at BLDG 362 ( F-108 )
Accurate predictions of neutrino-nucleus interactions are essential to long-baseline 
neutrino-oscillation programs. Achieving a comprehensive description in the broad 
range of energy relevant for neutrino oscillation experiments is a formidable nuclear- and 
particle-theory challenge. I will focus on our latest results for lepton-nucleus scattering 
cross sections obtained within nuclear many-body methods relying on accurate models 
of nuclear dynamics. The Green’s Function Monte Carlo approach allows to provide 
virtually-exact electroweak responses of nuclei up to A=12 in the quasi-elastic region.
I will present electron - 4He cross sections for a variety of kinematical setups, and show 
preliminary results for the electroweak charged-current responses and muon capture on light nuclei.  Then, I will outline the formalism based on the impulse approximation and 
spectral function. In particular, I will present the results we obtained for electromagnetic and charged-current scattering processes off 12C .  The role played by relativistic two-body electroweak current operators and the pion-production mechanisms, included for the first time in our calculations, will be also discussed in detail.  Finally, I will briefly show a comparison with the data of the E12-14-012 experiment at Jefferson Lab Hall A for inclusive electron scattering on $^40$ Ar and natural Ti targets at a fixed beam energy and scattering angle.  Our calculations have been obtained using the spectral functions of Ar and Ti computed within a state- of-the-art ab initio theory.
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